All the colour of a heavy bead necklace but without the weight.  TheY weigh under an ounce which is less than a bag of crisps so they make great gifts for posting and the FREE ORGANZA BAG means they are easy to store in a drawer or hang on a tree at Christmas. Even at Easter when not everyone wants to eat chocolate! 


Each necklace is handcrafted into three 6 foot strands of manmade fibre yarn and is easily hand washable.

The bead hides the double sewn join and is made from lightweight aluminium so there are no fiddly clasps and because they are not beads there is no risk of the necklace coming unstrung.     

Just grab the bead to separate the strands to untangle.


To wear, just place around the neck and twist once into a figure of eight and back over the head to make a six strand long necklace.  Twist again for a nine strand (some people twist for a fourth time to make a colourful 12 strand choker.  This does involve tightening it around the neck first and obviously great care should be taken to avoid it being too tight!)


Try around the wrist or ankle for a colourful bracelet or anklet. Tie it around your ponytail or updo they really are very versatile. Also,they dont discolour your skin like some metal chains do.


  • Wear two together they still wont be heavy!!
  • Wear at work, on the beach, out for dinner, on low necks, high necks. 
  • Great for stuffing in a suitcase for holiday accessories, especially if you dont want to take expensive jewellery with you or you are have a weight limit with your suitcase.


Great favourites with all ages,  those who are unable wear heavy jewellery around their neck but still want to add COLOUR WITHOUT WEIGHT

Necklaces - Neon & Rainbow Colours

  • Because of the many colour combinations and designs each product is coded as follows:

    The  number denotes the colour of the main strand.  Currently there are over 200 different colours.

    After the number there is a letter which describes any additional strands  eg

    Double strand   = C

    Lurex Yarn        = D

    Sequins             = S


    Sequins and Lurex are very hard to photograph so if you see a letter in the code you'll know its there even if the camera doesnt!