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It started as a hobby......


I started making necklaces for myself eight years ago, then for friends and family and then for their friends and family.

Then someone suggested I start my own business and I asked a few local outlets to display my necklaces on a sale or return basis.  

Then a website and a few craft fairs.

Now, miles and miles of yarn later, I have customers worldwide including Trinidad, USA, Switzerland, Australia and of course the UK.  

There are over 200 coloured yarns, lurex threads and sequins and I have made over 1000 necklaces to date. Each one takes about an hour and a half to make and includes a free organza gift bag. Ihey are made up from 3 strands of handcrafted yarn each 6ft long so can be worn in many ways by twisting around the neck.  They can also be worn as bracelets or anklets as well as tied up around a ponytail.  

The camera lighting can never do them justice,  but to date I have had no complaints.  They weigh less than a bag of crisps so they are great to post as gifts or to take on holiday. And they are hand washable man made fibre, again brilliant for customers who cannot wear metallic jewellery. No fiddly clasps and won't come unstrung either!

With the move to  Cornwall, things have snowballed and I now have over 25 different products all derived from yarn.  This year I branched out (again!) and have starting making organic soaps to complement my range of home products.  Everything is available to purchase on this website, from Facebook,or if you are ever in Penzance then the guys at the Treasure Gift Emporium will make you feel at home.  Look for the big yellow shop at the bottom of Market Jew Street, right opposite the new Premier Inn.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.


Nikki  xx